My first blog

It’s a Gas!

The gas bottle that lead us to keeping Alpacas.

So the story is a typical one a couple in there 40’s decide to upsticks and move to S/W France . Four years in and four house moves later we finally buy our little piece of heaven just under three acres of land mostly laid to lawn with the odd fruit tree here and there, eighty vines and a very large pond ” I will come back to the pond in another blog”. Part of the land had a  large piece just under an  acre which was a heavy mix of different grasses not the best for trying to mow we already had plenty! so we thought it would be good to get a couple of sheep to graze and keep the grass down. Nice idea but then came the elephant in the room we name them ..well yes of course ! And do we eat them….Yeah like thats ever going to happen!!

So if by magic or if you have a partner like me who is always looking to save money (not a bad trait to have) saw an advert on one of the expat forums for two empty gas bottles  for free. Now we live in the french countryside and do not have the luxory of gas being pumped into our houses. We get in the car and go to our nearest Intermarche which is a good 10 mins drive away hence its always good to have a spare. You dont want to be caught out like us one very wet and cold winters night me in the middle of cooking dinner only to have your gas run out and you can’t go to the store cause its closed.

Off he goes to to collect these bottles and to his surprise the owner of said bottles was an Alpaca farmer. Yes an Alpaca farm in deepest France we now know that there are at least 30 farms spanning from the Dordogne to the Lot. Anyway with his gas bottles and new found knowledge we decided to forget the sheep its Alpacas for us!

The day arrived 7th June 2017 and came the arrival of our two male Alpacas who are named Eligh and Rocco. These two gorgous boys were 1 yr olds and came as a pair because Nick who is a very well established breeder here and in his naitive Newzealand thought they would be most suitable to us as novices. There  is only three months age difference but as soon as they were a few months old Eligh and Rocco became very close.


Rocco in above picture is slightly more aloof and rather serious. He likes to check you out from a distance first before he decides wheather he can be botherd to come and say hello .


Eligh in picture above is such a sweet little thing ! always curious but very laid back not afraid to come up to anyone and say hello .Spends most his summer days stretched out in the middle of his field soaking up the glorious french sunshine.

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